John Stossel has a terrific show on FOX. He knows, loves and supports Americanism. See his analysis of Immigration (HERE).
The Free Market can easily be used to eliminate borders but America has been a Left-Leaning Marxist Welfare State for over 100 years so the free market is fundamentally gone.


Secure borders are also needed because of Terrorists, Criminals, especially sexual predators and Contagious Diseases. The Rule of Law, which Stossel clearly supports, is a pre-requisite for safe immigration.

John is rightly concerned about the long wait for permission to legally immigrate. Good. There should be almost none but the border guards need time to identify undesirable and dangerous people. A permit system provides time for immigrants to be investigated in their home country before they spend time and money to travel to America. The current system, as Stossel reported can take 13 years or more which is ridiculous but the solution is not to speed up the Visa process; it’s to restore the free market. Can that happen? Not likely. Why?

An American elite has been preaching the values of Marx since the late 1800’s. Marxism is “in the air” so restoring the free market is almost impossible. Because the welfare state imposes penalties on powerless people who become unwitting victims of the government, the borders need to be shut, sealed and guarded otherwise the private citizens of America will continue to be punished by an illicit set of principles that are opposed to personal Liberty.

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