Look at the results of the Crusades. Many countries were changed to Christianity. Some people resisted but the Inquisition took care of most of them. The Crusades were stopped in The Levant. Whether they won is not the point here. The Muslims didn’t lose. They were defeated in places but they didn’t lose against the one of the greatest religions.
So ask yourself: is America more committed to the founding principles than Muslims are committed to Islam? Clearly the answer is no. The beliefs of Islam are deeper and wider than the belief’s of America.
America is a hodge-podge of belief’s; a country founded on non-religious principles by many religious people. The founders supported Freedom, Liberty and Limited Power for Government. Good. Great. They never defended their belief’s which run against the founding principles of all religions. America is paying the price. Internally from the supporters of bigger government, Marxism, Altruism and Mysticism, and externally from Muslims determined to support their belief’s about Islam.
Will Islam conquer America? As long as there are internal enemies who work within the culture, perhaps. As long as there is little enthusiasm for small government, maybe. But there will never be complete support for the diminution of Individual Liberty and because of that Islam cannot and therefore will not win in America.

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