Maybe he’s working behind the scenes to stop Terrorism but so far there’s no evidence that’s one of his goals.

Perhaps he’s only going to stop terrorists in Iraq or Syria. No one knows because neither he nor SecState Kerry has said anything about an overall goal. He’s had trouble using different labels for Terrorists, Islam or Muslims as though words are the solution so not saying there’s danger will keep people safe. That’s worse than confusion, It’s an intellectual inability to connect fantasy and his wish-world with reality. A solution to that kind of confusion is not something easy. It takes what is missing here. Time.
America can stop Terrorism. No other nation state can or will. No religious solution will appear because none exists.

Some believe against evidence that stopping terrorists requires stopping the spread of ideas. It’s too late for that. The ideas that undergird terrorism are so entrenched that it’s impossible to kill the roots or chop down the trees. Islam is not the problem. If it’s not the problem eliminating Islam will not solve the problem.

Irrationality is the problem which is why Obama cannot ever fight or win a war on terror. His fundamentals support irrationality. Terrorism is not about Islam but about irrationality, an inability to get to the truth. The irrationality is neither unique to Islam or to the teachers of Islam.
Irrationality is so widespread that it’s almost impossible to cure. Almost.
Rationality cannot exist in an irrational culture. Which culture is rational? Do you really has to ask?
First answer what is needed before rationality can exist?
Then answer what is the basis for your answer?
Reason. Without reason rationality cannot arise. Without Reality reason cannot arise.
So the sequence to solve terrorism is: Reality; Reason; Rationality. But of course that’s not enough.
What else is needed before a solution to stop terrorism can exist?
Answer: Ethics.
But there are many systems of ethics. So the question becomes which ethics? Which set of ethics will solve terrorism? There are many causes for terrorism. All of them must be eliminated before terrorism can be stopped. How clear is this? It’s very clear to me.

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