The job has gotten to him even though he was never as big as the job. Obama is smart enough and educated enough but he still lacks the personal attributes to be a successful American President. He’s grown on the job but not in the right way. He’s not a leader. He’s an orator and he’s one of the best. When he gives a speech people say what a wonderful speech but what’s needed is a speech that brings people to action. That’s not his style. Never has been and never will be because he’s an orator, not a leader.
Obama hasn’t the ability to lead the Democrats, let alone America. For 5 1/2 years he’s demonstrated how well he understands thing but it’s what he hasn’t demonstrated that’s ruined his Presidency. He has lessened respect for America.
Perhaps he doesn’t realize he’s given up but someone should tell him what his actions look like. It’s not so much that he exhibits defeat but that he doesn’t realize that’s what’s happened.

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