The successful occupation of Iraq by ISIS which now calls itself “The Islamic State” happened while President Putin captured the Crimea from Ukraine and invaded Eastern Ukraine on his way to annexing it to Russia. No objection from “The United Nations” which exists for what exactly?

No objection from Europe nor from the impotent European Union which is less less powerful than The UN to the capture of The Crimea nor the rule of Iraq by The Islamic State. (IS).

President Obama during his Prime Time takeover of American Television made announcements apparently against the Islamic State. Apparently but not actually against IS because he specifically noted he would not commit American Military Personal against IS. How will he defeat and destroy IS without the use of actual Military troops? Silence.
Silence from the West is victory for IS.
Note that IS is the successor of al Qaeda. IS is dedicated to political discrimination. It controls large amounts of Territory in what was previously Iraq. President Obama announced he objects to IS but he has no plan to actually remove them from Iraq, thus giving them the territory. President Obama defeated America in Iraq when he removed the American Military from Iraq. IS, previously ISIL and previously ISIS is in control of not only much of Iraq but also most of Syria. Here’s a look at the areas of Syria and Iraq not controlled by IS. (HERE).

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