Why should the world sit idly by while Putin and Russia take whatever country they want? Patrick J. Buchanan on VDARE.com, wrote that there’s no American interest at stake in Estonia so America has no business standing against Putin over Estonia.

What about standing up for right against wrong? How about supporting good and condemning evil? Whose fight is it when bullies, thugs and criminals rob, rape and murder people? Who should stand against evil? Not Buchanan unless Putin attacks America.

Whose interests are at stake when a cop in Ferguson, MO makes an arrest? Why are crimes wrong and why do we expect police, prosecutors and judges to punish robbers? Everyone has an interest in supporting good and condemning evil and fighting evil is everyone’s fight. Why fight evil?

Because there’s a difference between right and wrong. Evil must not be allowed to stand. That’s the practical reason for the law. If there’s no moral inclination to fight evil there’s no reason to have rules, laws and punishment. If Patrick J. Buchanan doesn’t believe evil should be resisted Buchanan stands for anarchy.

Listen to a moral voice: “In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.” Buchanan wants to compromise with the Terrorists, with Putin, with Assad because “America has no interest at stake in those places.” Buchanan needs to check his premises. America has an interest in fighting evil wherever it appears. America is under no obligation to fight anyone anywhere but if America decides to invade and evil empire it has the moral sanction to do it. That’s how powerful the difference between good and evil is.

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