Is it White Genocide or Anti-White Genocide if it’s against white people?
Why doesn’t President Obama reach over the racial divide instead of running from it?

As a bi-racial man President Obama had an unprecedented opportunity to broaden and amplify the work of Martin Luther King Jr. So did Michelle because she’s married to a half-white man. Instead she’s the chief broccoli pusher and the champion spender of all the first ladies with her huge staff.
Why doesn’t the President ever take the case of white people? He should and could because his mother was 100% Middle-Of-America, Kansas White.
Instead Obama takes the lead on promotion of the black race. He brings black people to the White House. Fine. We’re OK with that. America has many successful black people. The President by his own analysis looks black. He took a black wife. He appointed many black people. So did Michelle. Fine. We get that. It’s OK.
What’s not OK is his work against white people. That’s wrong. He can’t be neutral about race. It’s psychological. He is conflicted. His half-brother isn’t. His half brother from the second white American wife of his father is a physicist from Stanford with no racist conflicts. None. Same father. Raised in Kenya. A true non-racial man. Even though he’s bi-racial his positions are non-racial. Like Barack he appears black. Unlike Barack he transcends race. Unlike Barack he’s a role model against racism.
Obama’s books and actions seem to betray a severe bias, a bias against his own nature. His identity seems driven by what he believes is a racial betrayal. That’s unfortunate but it explains his bias. His bias explains his actions to decrease the power of the people he’s against. He takes the side of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by inviting him to the White House for a beer with some kind of expectation that didn’t happen. The police officer who arrested Gates stood his ground but the White House Beer Incident betrayed some of Obama’s hidden agenda as does his rapid response to the shooting of one black man by a police officer in Ferguson, MO. compared to the hundreds and thousands of similar situations where the shooting was not of a black man.

WHITE POPULATION DECREASED FROM 85% TO 63% between 1965 and 2014.
Opening the borders helped increase the decrease in the percent of American Caucasians. The 1964 Immigration Act increased quota’s except for Europeans. The White Race in America has severely decreased from 1964 when 85 percent of the population was white to the U.S. Census Bureau’s current report that there are 63.7% Whites when Hispanics who describe themselves as “white” are taken out of the calculation. From 85% to 64% is about a 25% drop in the percentage of white people in America since the 1964 Immigration act was passed. (HERE). If that’s not genocide what is it?

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