In some spectacular precision flying by a great pilot in a very acrobatic aircraft thru the Corinth Canal in the Peloponnese in Greece near the city of Corinth is a blend of modern and ancient dreams. See it here. The dream to fly has been with man as far as history can tell. The Corinth Canal links two seas that previously took people a week to navigate by boat. Today there’s a bridge over the canal and the canal itself is spectacular. Greece has many special places. The Parthenon is one of the most beautiful, graceful, well-proportioned buildings in the world. Delphi has a special uniqueness about it that’s so very pleasing that rulers over the centauries were impressed enough to regard it as special. The islands of Greece are the most pleasing in the world, especially Santorini, followed by Mikonos, Mycenae and Rhodes. Their magic will work on you during the bright sunny days and the almost magical evenings and nights. Greece is all about pleasure. It’s worth the trip which is a long way from New York.

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