It’s not just a passing attitude. The man in the books he wrote, in his writings and speech’s, has demonstrated just how racial and how racist he really is. Really. Author Steve Sailer deeply analyzed the first book Barack Obama wrote before he was a presidential candidate and Barack’s book is loaded with insights into the anti-white mind of Barack Hussein Obama. Sailers book is: “American’s Half-Blood Prince” and it debunks the mythical personality that has been carefully crafted and silently injected into the naïve electorate and the world at large. In a few words, President Obama is nothing like his image. His book: “Dreams From My father” proves he is a racist community organizer. He didn’t organize white communities and he didn’t organize black communities to be better communities but to get money from government.
It’s been six years since he became President and he’s done more damage to America than two World Wars. No, he didn’t bomb America or use the military to oppress those not of his race but a physical attack would be understandable based on his own book: “Dreams From My Father”. Obama attended and strongly supported Trinity United Church where Rev. “God Damn America” Wright constantly blamed and condemned white people. Obama donated over $25,000 a year to Trinity per Sailers book.
A 2008 review of America’s Half-Blood Prince by John Derbyshire said: “white Americans are so terrified of talking about, or even being thought to be thinking about, “race and inheritance,” except in the desperately narrow terms dictated to us by PC commissars like the Obamas, that most whites will not touch Steve’s book with a barge pole. Possession of it on business premises will likely be a firing offense. Probably some black Americans will read Steve’s book with interest, but for whites it is a cargo of hot plutonium.”

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