In a confusing review of “America” VDARE commentator James Kirkpatrick provides some good analysis but he failed to tell us why he didn’t like the movie. Read his analysis here. I liked it because it raised some new ideas about the bad ideas of the Left; because it made then answered some points the Left uses to discredit America and because it was a clearly made, patriotic movie that had some right-wing propaganda in it

D’Souza is an immigrant from India who decided to become an American citizen. He was a Presidential advisor, a college President and has a delightful grown daughter from a failed marriage. He sees America thru a unique prism so native born Americans should be interested in his ideas. He starts off with imaginative scenes that conjecture General George Washington being killed and the colonialists being defeated. The movie then goes into a series of complaints against America by the Left and answers them. Perhaps some on the Left will be persuaded, but probably not. His arguments are sound but faith in the Marxist and Socialist ideas aren’t easy to defeat. Of course the Left is wrong beginning with the fundamental difference of America compared to the rest of the world. America is about Individual Liberty with a government created to protect that Liberty. The Left begins with the demand that no one can be free from a duty to help and protect everyone else even to the exclusion of one’s self. that difference is impossible to bridge. It’s either / or. Liberty or Duty.
For D’Sousa, the establishment of America based on the law; a written Constitution was the foundation needed to sustain the idea of Individual Liberty.
The Amercain Constitution is Exceptional. It grounds the idea o Rights, the key to understanding Liberty in the Epistemological understanding of the Individual. the individual is what exists, not the State which is a concocted abstraction or Society which is only a group of individuals. America identified Rights as coming from the individual. the United Nations, created hundreds of years later failed to grasp that simple basis of right. The U.N. grounds Rights in Governments. Neither D’Souza, Kirkpatrick or the Left start from there. Jefferson and America figured it out and wrote it up in the Declaration of Independence.
Jefferson didn’t quite conclude that the basis of the idea of Individual rights is the existence of the individual. He went for the creator as the basis, missing by a slight amount the correct basis which is what is created, the individual.
The Kirkpatrick review leans on what Kirkpatrick would have liked D’Souza to say. That’s unfair. The movie covers lots of ground and answers questions posed by the Left. Kirkpatrick wanted D’Souza to solve racism which Kirk-P knows is one of the greatest Gordian Knots of human existence. Racism is a human construct that the Left uses to bludgeon their anti-American ideas into mush-filled brains but America wasn’t founded on racism. Slavery is economically based. Slaves were bought and sold. Buying and selling are Capitalist and materialist but Capitalism is a moral system and no moral system can condone Slavery so Slavery is not part of Capitalism. Slavery is part of a tyranny. America overthrew tyranny by the Revolution therefore slavery is not part of either America nor Capitalism. How then to explain slavery to people like Kirk-P?
There’s no need to explain slavery in America. It’s not part of the American culture and from the beginning of the Republic it was the mission to destroy it. Yes, slavery existed until Lincoln freed the slaves but most Americans didn’t have slaves and unfortunately more American’s died fighting to eliminate slavery that fought to eliminate the Nazi’s and to defeat the Japanese in WWII. Kirk-P is way off the mark to denigrate “America” and D’Souza for “ignoring racial realities”. But Kirk-P knows D’Souza isn’t white and Kirk-P also gets it wrong with his claim that “a white and racially-conscious people [that] built the country.
Kirk-P knows the foundation documents and ideas of America do not mention race; whites; blacks; Native Americans. The law itself is silent about race. Likewise the Declaration and the Constitution. the Declaration begins with “When in the course of HUMAN EVENTS”. The Constitution begins with the almost poetic words: “We The People”. Those are manifestly non-race and non-racial ideas. That fact alone shows the course of events would lead to freedom and Liberty for those who were held as slaves.

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