He still has not developed the art, the science, the strategies and tactics needed to navigate the ocean of American foreign policy. He’s not inclined towards the world outside America where his massive strength, his divisive political calculus and his superb oratory abilities count for almost nothing amid the complex issues of the other 195 countries. A neophyte knows what happens in one place affects things in many other places. All of Western Europe is part of problem created by ruswsia’s invasion of Ukraine because so much natural gas from Russia flows thru pipelines tin Ukraine to Western European nations.

It’s rather simple for Obama to manage race relations because that’s mostly a black – white problem in America, It’s far more difficult to manage or decide what to do with Russia because all of the Western European nations and people are involved. Sort of a two dimensional issue compared to the 28 member nations in the EU. Simple math yields 3 with 29 zero’s as the number of problems when the 28 nations in the EU is used to calculate the maximum number of counter-issues with each member nation. Add in America, Russia, & China the number becomes 31 factorial which is 8 with 33 zero’s.

How can Obama keep up with the issues related to America with the other 194 countries? the quick answer is he lacks the abilities; he can’t do it and he lacks the managerial ability to use the State Department, the Military, the CIA, Homeland Security and the U.N. to provide him with the needed data. The word usually used is Intelligence but  Intel is a two way street meaning there has to be interaction on an intellectual level between the intelligence community and the President and Obama has very little aptitude to interact.

One might think with his Muslim background Obama would be especially aware of the evil of the terrorist threat. He is not aware. He’s bling by his ideology which is anti-American but the terrorists threats are terrible things. The terrorists engage in one of the most delusional of belief’s to which people are prone and the evil of which they are capable when they cut loose from all inhibitions of method and sell their very souls to the pursuit of a terrible end. The Terrorist threat is not  an act of God, it’s a human tragedy and one which millions know about and detest yet it persists and Obama seems willfully ignorant of what it really is. And remember that after the defeat of the Terrorists it is with the remaining citizens of the Middle East Nations with whom America and Europe will have to deal.

Are those people who are favorable towards America and who are hiding inside the rogue cultures being addressed by Obama? No. Were they ever in the calculus of Hillary? No. Forget Kerry, he’s more out to lunch than Joe Biden on foreign affairs. History provides the basis that no other culture is entirely our enemy and history also proves no other culture is entirely our friend.

Past Presidents had their own secret parallel intelligence teams as well as plenty of contacts especially abroad, none of which Obama has because he doesn’t have the necessary background or abilities and his sidekick, really his brains for Intel, Valerie Jarrett is completely without her own International resources, coming from a rather insulated Chicago political background. Her strength is Chicago Politics and she must use that meager body of knowledge to evaluate the other 195 countries. She just is not a person who can make the transition to the International Arena. Their problem is not that they aren’t smart enough because they are plenty smart. It’s that they aren’t inclined to the broader horizons because they concentrate on race and Left Wing Politics and fundraising. They just can’t get this International business.

The nations of Europe and Asia have been doing this for hundreds of years. They are almost born into the international game. Most diplomats from foreign nations speak at least their native language and English and they speak both American and British English. Obama has no second language. None.

Obama’s education is American Race Politics. He can divide the races to disadvantage whites and get even more preferences for blacks. He didn’t start to displace white workers but his actions have that result. His race based performance in Ferguson MO is in line with his race strategies. Non-whites have been doing better in America since Obama took power but those benefits will be temporary as the business managers learn to game the system of race based preferences and the market has been the final arbiter. Black based businesses just don’t do well in the market. They do fine as long as there are government support programs to shore up their business weaknesses but they quickly fade away as the market walks away from them.

It’s the lack of cogent analysis, the skill set needed to handle International business for the President. Foreign policy requires a domestic economic policy and “Don’t Do Stupid Things” as Obama has repeatedly said is not a policy as much as it’s simple minded advice. Unfortunately it takes a lot of skill to know what to do so knowing one thing not to do doesn’t work in the foreign policy towards a large nation like Russia, or even towards the tiny nation of Lichtenstein.

Obama hasn’t yet learned enough to handle America’s foreign policy. He’s out of time and the other world leaders know it. He’s had almost six years to figure it out and the two remaining years aren’t enough time for him to change from someone with little foreign policy abilities to one who does a great job in the International Arena. Even if he’s perfect for two years, he failed for the past six so 2 years of “A” grades won’t off set six years of “F’s”. He failed.

That’s too bad for not only America but for the other 195 countries. America will make up for the boobus policies of Obama. We just need to not elect Hillary if we want the recovery to start in 2017. Hillary failed even worse than Obama in her International efforts. She didn’t get much of anything done except to travel to 105 countries and she didn’t really do that, the airplanes did.

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