An August 26 editorial opinion in The Bucks County Courier Times titled: “Union-Corrupted VA System Can’t Be Fixed: Kill It”, called government unions “Inoperable Tumors”. It wasn’t clear if the target was the corrupt unions or the corrupt VA system or both. The writer claimed the entire U.S. Civil Service System is “Thoroughly Corrupt”.  That’s hard to believe because the Civil Service System was set up in 1871 and has over 2 million federal employees so is it possible that 2 million people are thoroughly corrupt? There are about 456 Federal Agencies. Are all 456 corrupt? Is that possible?

Yes, according to the editorial. The writer wrote: “the entire federal civil service has metastasized into the most corrupt and dysfunctional system imaginable” and offers for proof claims about laziness, lying, political campaigning which violates The Hatch Act. Federal employees, it was claimed are members of the Democratic party and have pointless conferences in exotic locations paid for by taxes. It further claims the entire Civil Service System: “Is simply an extension of the Democratic Party. How is that possible?

Why does the Federal Government need 2 million people?. The editorial is silent. Since the claims include laziness that would mean the jobs could be done with fewer people. Why not fire them and replace them with better people? Well, it turns out that union members cannot be fired on the cheap. It is cheaper to hire more people so the jobs can get done. Instead of 1 million workers, another million are needed to get the mail delivered and the weather forecasts made.

A federal worker who is in a union is as close to eternal life as we can get on earth. Some union jobs need two or three more workers to do the job one person is supposed to do.

What about using the fraud statutes to fire what is criminal behavior? Stealing tax money is fraud but the union members don’t see it that way. they think they should be paid because they come to the place where the work is but they don’t like to work. When they claim they did the work they commit robbery because they are taking money but not doing the job. That’s stealing and when the money taken is it receiving stolen property which is another crime.

Maybe they can’t be fired but can they be arrested?


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