Race is natural. Prejudice, bigotry and segregation based on race is wrong. Although lots of wrong things exist including racism, that does not mean racism is more or less important than War or Murder. Racism is not that difficult to cure but there’s no movement that seeks to cure it. In fact, racism in America is big business because government has it’s thumbs on the scale so the race issue is severely distorted in favor of white displacement. White people are being eased out of jobs and many seem to actually welcome this form of economic suicide.

There are lots of complaints about racism. there are lots of different kinds of racism so lets address the problem as it’s usually identified in America, white people who mis-treat black people because of their race.

There’s no such problem as black people who mis-treat whites because even when that happens, and it happens but it’s not usually reported because white mis-treatment of blacks is what the idea of racism is about. Curing white mis-treatment of blacks is the racism that needs to be cured.


It’s often said and believed that black’s don’t have enough positive role models. There are lots of positive black role models. But racism won’t be fixed by referring to black role models. …..developing

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