Greece is the center of Civilization. The map of Greece looks sort of like a hand with it’s fingers stretching into the Aegean sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, with loads of islands that make Greece seem physically larger then it is. It’s been a fabled and troubled land. History abounds. Just about any touring goes to places steeped in story and legend. It has to be seen to be understood.

Before and during World War 2 confused and confusing espionage was everywhere. Some of the agents were very rich kids educated at University of Pennsylvania and Princeton who grew to love Greece. The Greeks were beset by the Germans who bombed them all the way to Rhodes, an island that’s much closer to Turkey than the Greek mainland. Greece had British, Americans, Turks and Italians aplenty who were spying on each other during the war. Greece started WWII with a King.

Greece was used, mis-used some would say, by the Allies as bait to convince the Germans the Allies were going to invade Europe through Greece. A recent book “Classical Spies” brings newly released information about the spying that shockingly shows the heroism and the stupidity of many people and their governments who wasted so much time, treasure and lives fighting a war that didn’t need to be fought.

The dilemmas in Ferguson, MO are so minor compared to what went on in Greece yet Ferguson offers insight on how wars get started and why they are so stupid. Ferguson offers noting to the tourist. Greece offers everything. No matter what your interests are, Greece will stun you with it’s beauty. The natural part of Greece is sort of like a million other places with the exception that the views of the sea from the islands seem magical, almost unreal they are so good. Looking up at the Parthenon in Athens is almost unbelievable, it’s that beautiful even though it’s a ruin. One of the most peaceful places on earth is on a small island, Santorini, from the ruined castle on a high promontory in the town of Oia, pronounced E-ah. That view alone is worth the time, trouble and cost to visit Greece. Likewise the temple at Delphi, the monasteries at Meteora, the museums and the special light in Greece.

One could spend two weeks at Mykonos and be content. Two weeks in Athens, two weeks in Santorini, in Rhodes would be the same. the peace of Greece however has been punctuated by war far too often to consider the people of the world civilized. But Greece needs to be seen. Other places worship the sun, the Greeks are suffused by it. Get thee to Greece.  


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