He’s driving Assad in Syria, ISIS in Iraq and Iran to distract the world from Ukraine. ISIS didn’t just arise from the desert sand. The organization, the flags, uniforms, strategies and tactics were directed from Russia. How do we know that? From an analysis of who benefits from getting America back into Iraq. No other nation or ruler has any interest in Iraq. Putin doesn’t either in the sense that he wants Iraq to join his Commonwealth of Independent States. The middle eastern crazies are far more trouble than they’re worth with their violent religion driven aggression even though there’s lots of oil there.


That’s one of the worst ideas put forth by the Liberal Media/White House. America has zero need for Syria, it’s people or it’s assets. Syria is a pariah nation ruled by a despot. So long as there’s fighting in Syria, Israel and America are safe from terrorists.

The civil wars in the Middle East and Africa are in America’s best interests. If Putin is backing ISIS he’s unwittingly helping Obama keep America safe because it’s drawing the terrorists into the civil wars that keep their aggression and murders from America.

Why did ISIS saw off the head of American journalist James Foley? If they did it to provoke America into a ground war in Iraq they did it for no reason because neither Obama nor most Americans want anything from the terrorists. Sawing off heads from innocent prisoners violates human decency and is more inhuman than the NAZI’s were but you know that already.

ISIS is serving American interests in the Middle East by wasting terrorist resources there. If Putin is behind ISIS we need to help him keep it up.   


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