When a police officer was attacked inside his police cruiser and punched so hard that his skull was fractured, he decided to arrest the perp. Unfortunately for the perp, he decided to attack the officer again so he was shot to death. The Federal Government has exceeded it’s authority by deciding to investigate the incident and has over 100 federal employees in Ferguson to complete the job of arresting, convicting and punishing the police officer. The police officer is what’s called “Dead Meat”.

If he figures out how vicious the prosecution will be, lying, distorting and mis-using the law just as the Klu Klux Klan did in days past he’ll get to Moscow before midnight. There may be other places the innocent police officer, (yes, because innocent until proven guilty is supposed to be the law even in America today despite the vigilante mobs in Ferguson) can go but he won’t be safe in America, at least not until a non-black-biased-Attorney General is appointed. That won’t happen until at least January 2017 when President Obama is removed from office by the end of his term in office.

America needs a police force but not one presided over by an anti-white Federal organization. Eric Holder, the present Attorney general who is a black man who believes police are racist and he told everyone that over and over again. Holder goes even further than condemning police officers. He believes every non-black America is guilty of hating black people. His own words and his actions have proven the extreme bias of the man.

Holder must know his attitude works against Black Police Officers too because it means they cannot work in white neighborhoods. That is of course ridiculous. The problem with using race to judge people is that it means the mind of a person cannot make correct decisions so the correct way to judge a person is their race.

Very well, Mr. Holder, you have become living proof of the wrongness of the stereotypes of racists.

That’s opposite my judgment of people. I respect people who can control their nature when it disposes them to act improperly. I also condemn people who make wrong decisions and especially people who wrongly base their judgments on skin color like Eric Holder. He should have more respect for himself than to join the mobs of Ferguson. He should resign but until he does both Edward Snowden and Ex-police officer Wilson of Ferguson are far safer in Moscow. How sad for America that neither the President not the Attorney General can be trusted to obey the laws and respect the customs of America.

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