Last nite, July 5, 2011, was the first of Mikes Town Hall’s I was able to attend and overall it was a great success for him.   Mike handled the Liberal tax-increasers well. He’s polished and capable in the town hall setting.  

He is very well informed and probably because of his legal education and his experiences as Commissioner and Congressman he argues well on the fly.  

Probably he wants to avoid the criticism that he shuts down objections but my idea would be for him to handle in a stronger fashion, the rudeness, bullying and bad manners of the liberals who crowd into the front row obviously just to annoy and disrupt the Town Hall. They shout at him in the middle of his sentences and constantly harrangue . He also might be able to develop more arguments like: “the tax and tax and tax some more Democrats” constantly make the same mistake of accepting government as the solution when at bottom government is the problem. That’s an old and well accepted Reagan principle.


Liberals talk about revenue and income but they mean theft by taxes. They drove America to socialism starting with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, Carter so it’s no surprise that socialism is so well accepted that even conservatives accept a lot of it. The acceptance of the principles of Socialism by both sides has ruined America. America is more than Liberal, it’s socialist. Even Mike accepts the idea that a tax cut can be good because it increases the tax haul. I have to get him aside and explain that he plays into the hands of the higher tax people when he finishes an argument by saying that cutting taxes  increases the amount of taxes collected by government. That concedes the argument to the Democrats who want more taxes period.   Maybe you and Rob can help get Mike to finish by saying Government must stop taking more and more money away from labor.    

So America is now socialist. There’s no denying that even though most people think America is a Democracy of maybe that it’s  still a Republic. Too bad. Too bad for America. Too bad for freedoms and very bad for Liberty. The world has embraced Marx and Socialism and most people don’t grasp the failure of the principles. They say America is declining because of the failure to stick to it’s founding morality but what morality do they mean? The morality ruling America today is just about all of the principles in Marx’s Communist Manifesto. We must ask? Moral? By what standard?


See the guest opinion I wrote in today’s Courier. It includes a lot of my ideas but more important than that it includes the axioms of existence, axioms that are needed to live. When people fail to understand those three axioms: Existence, Consciousness and Identity, they get the condition of the world today and the way out gets further away. 

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