The Railroading Of Police Officer Darren Wilson By Race-Baiting Mobs in Ferguson, Missouri Has Begun. Officer Wilson is in hiding after being beaten almost into unconsciousness by Michael Brown before the police officer was forced to shoot him multiple times because he would not stop trying to bludgeon the much smaller police officer with his fists and great strength. (HERE). Brown showed some of that superior strength and his willingness to use it against innocent people in a video of a robbery he committed by stealing a $48 box of cigars. (HERE). Huffington Post needs to stop getting it wrong about peoples character. They say, wrongly, that character doesn’t matter. Yes it does. Character is part of the reputation of each person. Their character will show their values regarding other people and in the case of Michael Brown his character was one of a bully and a street thug who relied on his physical size to overcome resistance by victims. He had enormous power in his body and in his fists which he has been using to pound other people. He was armed just like a boxer is armed, by powerful fists and he misused that power many times. He just mis-used it one time too many and he paid the price when street justice was in the hands of a small police officer who was trained how to use a gun to protect himself from people like Brown.  

Al Sharpton Needs To Stop Inflaming African Americans in Ferguson, Mo. He needs to take his racist rhetoric somewhere else. He needs to start healing race relations, not pouring gasoline on the racist fire. He needs to stop romoting Racism. SO does Eric Holder and President Obama. 

Eric Holder Needs To Start Protecting Whites Like He Protects American Blacks.

Attorney General Eric Holder has the responsibility to uphold the law but not just for Black Americans. His constant beating of the racist drum to get equal justice for black Americans is, unfortunately for white Americans an example of his prejudice and bias against all Americans except black ones.

Eric Holder is the worst kind of prosecutor because he’s too obviously biased against white Americans. He should be upholding the law in Ferguson, not running there to support a “vigorous prosecution”. That’s a presumptive bias that tells the rioters he has to come into Ferguson to prosecute. Is he intellectually inclined to prosecute Michael Brown for almost beating police officer Darren Wilson unconscious? Most likely no. His prosecution is a one way ratchet that only goes in the direction of prosecuting non-African American’s and pardoning or declining to prosecute African Americans a bias he has shown in the Philadelphia Black Panther voter Intimidation case.

But President Obama is the least capable person to grasp what’s going on in Ferguson. He is anti-American because he was raised to be anti-American. Obama does not have a country. He doesn’t identify with the people who died on 9/11. Obama is driven by an obsessive resentment, conscious and unconscious, against a delusional evil white patriarchy, which causes him to help America’s enemies and against not only America but great Britain too.

Beyond most left-wing elites, President Obama is sympathetic to the Islamists who killed the 9/11 victims. In Ferguson he’s sympathetic, not to the police officer who was threatened by Mike Brown’s large size,  confrontational attitude and big fists that he used on the officer, but to Mike Brown. What’s amazing is; for a character like Brown, that he wasn’t shot and killed sooner. No doubt he would have been shot and killed next week or at most next year because he was driven to cause trouble for other’s. When he decided to confront police officer Darren Wilson he started the chain of events that caused him to be shot to death but not before he almost crushed the life out of Officer Wilson. .

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