Putin rolled in and took Crimea while a bewildered President Obama failed to act against President Putin.

Likewise, President Obama was out-thought by Putin when nerve gas was used in Syria. Obama isn’t supposed to do everything but he’s supposed to do some things and he’s failed. He pulled out of Iraq without so much as an idea or two about how to keep Iraq moving in the right direction. No idea: No Objection. Even Hillary objected to Obama’s lack of foreign policy. Not having a foreign policy is worse than having a bad one because people can see when there’s a problem by comparing it to the policy. If there’s no policy people get upset.

If President Obama had said to Putin, “You take Crimea, we’re taking two CIS countries into NATO what would Putin have done? One thing for certain, Putin would have gotten out of The Crimea.

Obama eliminated large amounts of American Energy, COAL.

He went after the Tea Parties.

He let the Philly Black Panthers go.

He insulted the British by removing a gift from the Queen from the Oval Office.

He closed oil drilling in the Gulf and Cuba began drilling there.

He wasted billions on bad projects.

He opened the Southern Borders instead of protecting them.

The list of Obama Failures is long and deep but his failure to keep the Crimea for Ukraine makes him Putin’s little poodle dog. What a disgrace.




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