They devised a way to avoid Campaign Finance Limitations and get Russian’s to support Yeltsin by making Yeltsin and his campaign Anti-Communist.

Quoting from political consultant Dick Dresner, a former partner of Dick Morris: “Despite the cap on campaign spending in Russia and the limit on contributions to candidates in the United States, Dresner said political campaigns in both countries hinge on the use of soft money raised outside the campaign itself and used to influence voters indirectly.

In Russia, Dresner said, the money generally comes from bankers, industrialists, organized crime and “Saudi Arabia,” although he declined to go into that connection in depth.

“We’d talk to them about their (campaign) budget and they’d just laugh,” he said of Yeltsin’s campaign, indicating raising money was never a problem.

The money was used to finance ads, similar to ones that aired in this country, that never mention a candidate but support a particular candidate’s view. One such ad in the Russian campaign was a television spot that urged people to vote and showed an image of a bird flying free and one in a cage.

“It was pretty clear it was talking about freedom vs. communism,” Dresner said.”


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