By invading France in 1916 the American “Doughboys” commanded by General Pershing won WWI. Wilson sent them. By changing his mind in Paris he was able to create “The League Of Nations” but he couldn’t influence The British and The French so the Versailles Treaty, one of the most hateful act of revenge on the German people caused WWII.

If Wilson had not invaded Europe on the side of but not good enough to overcome England’s Prime Minster, David Lloyd George nor George Clemenceau of France, WWI would have ended as a stalemate. Both sides were exhausted from the war that had evolved into Trench Warfare which neither side could win. America didn’t need to fight in Europe. Even worse, England and France kept Wilson out of the peace negotiations so the Versailles Treaty was far more harsh and revenge soaked than it needed to be. If Wilson had been capable enough he could have followed thru on his “Fourteen Points” and the Versailles Treaty would not have provided the conditions for Hitler to goad Germany into starting WWII to end the oppression of Versailles. It’s too bad, by hindsight, that Wilson wanted his League of Nations more than he wanted to save Europe from WWII. The U.S. Senate refused to sign The Versailles Treaty.  

Wilson killed himself trying to get his League started and to get The Senate to approve the Versailles Treaty. He couldn’t get the Senate to agree so he took to the streets to convince The People to tell the Senate to support Versailles. He had a stroke and had to cancel the final third of his trip. His wife acted in secret as The President until Warren Harding was elected.

America not only wasn’t needed for WWI to end, Wilson agreed to the harsh terms of Versailles against Germany after he meet with German Re[resentatives and convinced them there would be a epeace without victory but neither England nor France wanted anything less than vengencence, punishment and money and those terms caused Hitler to become popular; helped him get control of Germany and to begin to invade other countries which caused WWII. Without American involvement Versailles would have been far different, Germany would have paid reasonable reparations and Hitler would not have become popular.

That’s the short version of what happened. The longer version is in the book American’s Greatest Blunder. Wilson didn’t protect America. England and France were unnecessarily cruel at Versailles. WWII began 10 years after  The Versailles Treaty and ended when America finally conquered Japan’s military. None of that would have happened if Wilson had done the right things.

Wilson wasn’t alone. Germany caused WWI but Germany would never have won if it wasn’t for the blunders of Wilson. Read the book.   

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