It’s working rather well. George Bush realized Islam would have to be forced to fight outside the United States so he invaded Iraq and Afghanistan which kept America safe until President Obama  helped America, Israel and Europe by expanding the challenges to the rebels from just Iraq and Afghanistan to six more places.

Middle East Rebels are now fighting their Middle East enemies and governments in: Kurdish Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Gaza, Syria, Iraq proper, Afghanistan and Iran. A huge number of America haters are now fighting much more important-to-them battles across Northern Africa and the Middle East. They can’t fight a war on Israel, Europe and America while they are also fighting in eight other places. They have their hands full with wars on ten fronts.

Brilliant. America is safer than ever. President Obama actually never had that plan or, if he did he’s keeping it really secret by not announcing it. It was sort of handed as a gift to the World as the consequences of all of the problems within The Middle East. They’re like a bomb where all of the explosion went in the same right direction 

They are all Obama’s wars now. He owns them; we are better off with them going on and hopefully President Obama has enough sense not to stop them.  

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