What does a nation encumbered by a hatred for some people based on their skin color look like?


It murdered it’s White Farmers. From Wikipedia: “The White population of Zimbabwe reached a peak of about 296,000 in 1975, representing just over four percent of the population, but numbers then started to drop, to possibly 120,000 in 1999, and to probably no more than 50,000 in 2002, possibly much less.” Today the white Rhodesians are less than 0.4 percent, virtually whipped out because they were not black. That’s the criteria in Zimbabwe these days and it’s a policy that is based on racial hatred.

What does South Africa have to do with Zimbabwe? It was run by a white minority but it’s now run by the Black Majority. Being white in Zimbabwe is a death sentence for white people. South Africa is headed in the same direction and that direction has been driving America for the past 50 years. In South Africa it was done by using Democracy. One person, one vote guarantees the rule by the majority. In South Africa that would not be the minority race, the White Africans called Afrikaners.

The Left Wing of America helped, almost demanded that black people should rule in South Africa. The legitimate government of South Africa was destroyed and replaced by a single race system that is going to take a few more years until white people disappear from South Africa.

The United States is a bit different in the tactics to eliminate the white race from America. It’s being done by opening the borders and by prohibiting immigration from Europe. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been working great. Non-whites are being admitted while whites are being restricted from immigrating. Of course it’s not fair but government is not ab9out fair, it’s about power and control and it’s working to increase non-whites while decreasing white immigration. In 2014 the number of white students has fallen below 50% from a high of about 89%. 

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