President Obama is not the only President who has made bad decisions but he’s the worst American President ever because of the harm on the American culture and the American way of life.

American values are Liberty based meaning the liberty of each individual. Every other culture values the group, not the individual. Russia, for example, ruled by a dictator has taken entire countries and is poised to take over at least the Eastern part of Ukraine. He did it to Crimea. No one did anything except embargo a few things, none of any consequence. Not Putin has 20,000 to 40,000 military troops on the border with Eastern Ukraine. Bye, bye Eastern Ukraine as Putin grabs Ukraine in three bites: Crimea, Eastern then Western Ukraine. American President Obama may say he doesn’t like it but he’ll do nothing to stand in the way of his mentor Putin.

America has been betrayed to Russia, to a dictatorship and eventually to a totalitarian style government. Pick up anything in America and government has had a hand in it, either ordering certain actions or forbidding them. Every person is also under orders to do certain things or prohibited from doing certain things. An American cannot get married without government approval. What’s so free about that? Nothing. Under Obamacare every American must buy medical insurance or pay a fine each year. What about people, the young, who don’t need or want medical insurance because they are healthy and don’t need medical care? How free is that? It’s not.  

Who or what collectivized America? Ideas. Bad and wrong ideas from people who want to control other people. These people infiltrated America’s government, universities, newspapers, movies and T.V. where they could write and produce the mind-set needed for people to accept the rule of the group. America is a communal state where individuals are under the control of government. Control is not freedom.

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