His decisions led to the invasion of NAZI controlled France. The “second front” in WWII was actually the ninth and he withdrew American troops from Europe in Italy to send them to re-invade Europe via France.

Who benefitted from America’s invasion of Europe? It cost America more in American dead and wounded; more in equipment and money plus the Marshall Plan where America paid billions to Europe so they could re-build. England paid in dead, wounded, equipment and money. Russia received several trillion in so-called Lend-Lease equipment, a lease that was never paid and Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belorusse, Ukraine, East Germany, Prussia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Moldavia and Hungary.

Who won WWII? Stalin. Who helped Stalin the most? America.

Who lost? Roosevelt. America. Americans.

Why? Why did America lose so much and get billions in debt in return?  Roosevelt seemed to believe Stalin who promised not to try to overthrow America during the war. Stalin lied. He had employed movie writers to produce movies that helped convince American’s Communism was OK. After the war it was discovered they were directed by Stalin. They were spies. Proof? Thousands of documents were part of the VENONA project which intercepted and de-coded the documents that eventually reveled Harry Hopkins, the personal assistant and some say the co-President was a spy for Russia.

Form Wikipedia, a left wing website, “Vasily Mitrokhin was a KGB archivist who defected from the Soviet Union with copies of KGB files. He claimed Harry Hopkins was a secret Russian agent. Moreover, Oleg Gordievsky, a high-level KGB officer who also defected from the Soviet Union, reported that Iskhak Akhmerov, the KGB officer who controlled the clandestine Soviet agents in the U.S. during the war, had said Hopkins was “the most important of all Soviet wartime agents in the United States.”

Hopkins was a Spy For Russia and the number two man in America. His influence over Roosevelt was describes as Svengalian. It’s why Roosevelt agreed to Stalin’s demands for the countries in Eastern Europe. Stalin stands in history as one of the biggest murders of all time. Roosevelt, wrongly considered him to want to bring democracy to Russia.

In addition to the losses in people, material and money, America lost it’s culture. Once a country founded in Liberty, American became a country based in the values of Stalin and Lenin. Putin is the living proof of the loss of freedom and the attacks of the Arabs against America, also based on a non-free culture also rooted in the identical values promoted by Stalin are another manifestation of the changed culture of America, changed by the consequences of the decisions of Roosevelt.

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