How much would it cost? Probably 2  0r 3 trillion but it doesn’t really matter because President Obama can simply order the Treasury to print the money and pay each country whatever it takes. The President of Mexico can be paid first to get the ball rolling. By the time Obama gets to own Panama, the Southern border becomes a lot smaller and Obama can charge each person half what the coyotes are charging for American citizenship.

Making Central and South America part of the United States will make the New America the largest country in the world but why stop there? Why not buy Russia too? That way Putin can work for Obama although Putin will quickly get Obama under control. Buying Russia will make a lot of Russians happy. It’s a win for everyone except maybe some Republicans. Imagine if both Mexico and Russia were reduced to American States. How many Republicans live in Russia? Correct Answer will surprise you.

Imagine if both Mexico and Russia were reduced to American States. Why the large number of English teachers who will get jobs in Mexico and Russia will be in the thousands.

Buying Mexico makes a lot of sense to Democrats. How many Republicans live in Mexico? In Honduras? Guatemala? El Salvador? See? Democrats should be enthusiastic about buying all of Central America. It’s the only way they can win the Senate in the 2014 elections.

The faster America can move, the better. When the border is reduced from 1.200 miles to about 48 miles, that would be the length of the Panama canal. The New Southern Border Fence can be the Panama Canal which has high concrete sides that cannot be climbed. This sounds better and better.

It’s inevitable that all of Central and South America will become part of the United States so it makes sense to buy the countries ASAP.

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