Paraphrasing Reagan in the title and it still comes down to all of the problems Obama caused Americans. Unconstitutional Law Enforcement is the beginning, making his own laws and using the power to order a vast number of federal workers to carry out activities and to stop enforcing the border, the man is an uncontrollable anti-American World Class Disaster.

The other two branches can work to stop him and to undo the damage to America. The Supreme Court can add anything they want in their Opinions. It’s called Judicial Notice and it can veer sharply in any direction in any opinion and rule against The Rogue President. The Supreme Court doesn’t have to wait for anything. They can rule on any case and include any subject which means they can stop whatever they decide to stop tomorrow despite the idea that their great powers are limited.

Same for Congress. The House of Representatives controls every penny spent by the President. Every penny means they can take away money from the President which will stop whatever he’s doing that they oppose. Anything.

The House of Representatives can act tomorrow to cancel Obama’s next vacation. Congress can bargain with the President and trade programs he want’s to do for programs they want done. If he refuses they can fire the cook in the White House and force Obama to go to a restaurant but of course the House doesn’t want to be too severe because when a Republican becomes president they don’t want to have a Democrat House stop a Republican President.

But the bottom line is the House can stop paying for programs which can at least slow down the rogue disaster of a President.

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