In 1968 Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy ran for President as a Communist. He was a member of the Democratic Party. In 1950 Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy exposed communist spies who were operating in and guiding the policies of Hollywood and the American Government. McCarthy was right every time but because of the American Communists was eventually turned into an object of ridicule. “The Venona Transcripts”, “The Black Book Of Communism” and “The Mitronkin Archives” proved Joe McCarthy was always right. Many documents that are still secret in America have appeared in Europe and prove McCarthy correctly identified communists in Hollywood who wrote, directed and acted in scores of movies that criticized America and praised the communist ideas of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Fidel.

The American Communists eventually succeeded in winning in America which is today one of the most influential communist nations in the United Nations but most people don’t realize how communist they are. Why?

Propaganda is not promoted by lies but by half truth’s. Despite Goebbels insistence that the big lie is effective, many small lies are more effective. That’s how, for example, the losers of the U.S.S.R. have been able to re-write American history, cleanse Stalin and whitewash the 100 million dead because of Communism in the 20th century.

Joe McCarthy is a martyr because of America’s communists. Bill Ayres, a mad bomber who is against America is a college professor who taught thousands of young students to hate America. Like good little apparatchiks they spread out across America and helped turn America into a socialist country where the governments control the means of production in a way that gladdens the heart of Karl Marx who wrongly thought Socialism required the government to own the means of production. Marx got that  wrong but his Communist Manifesto succeeded to shove America from Capitalism, which required individual freedom, to a government that wants to stop individual choices.

The latest example is Obamacare as well as Obama’s destruction of the America borders which has admitted even more communists into America. Most Latin American Illegal Immigrants are communist in thought and deed although the don’t call themselves communists. It’s must appear to them that they have reached communist heaven. They don’t have to work because society is forced to support them and their red families.

Communists cannot actually call themselves Communists because Senator Joe McCarthy made that a disgrace. Instead they call themselves Democrats. They also are known as Progressives who want fewer choices and more free stuff from Republicans who, being communists with a small “c” are happy to give them in exchange for their votes.

Since the 1900’s America had a communist party. Today it’s on every University Campus even though it usually operates in secret. It’s called CPUSA but the American Left is a bigger group that has millions of members who may not identify themselves as communists but they support communist values so it amounts to the same thing.

You probably became communist while watching the Saturday Morning Cartoons which are a rich source of Left Doctrine. If your family was religious you got more indoctrination during religious services because every religion has communist undertones.

You were taught more of the principles of Communism in school, especially in the history textbooks. “The Peoples History of the United States” is steeped in Marxism but in keeping with the secret nature of the communist strategy the author doesn’t reveal that part of American history.

When you started dating you were infected with more Left wing communist ideas as you watched movies, listened to music or read more books. It’s a safe bet that you have never read an anti-communist book. They are out there but as the recent experience at COSTCO where the book “America” was pulled from their inventory by the Left wing owners, the Brotman and Jelinek families who are strong supporters of the Democratic party and Left Wing President Barack Obama, shows just how stealthy American Communism is. COSTCO isn’t owned by the state but they act as if they were in their unabashed obedience to the principles of Karl Mark who would have approved their book ban.

Joe McCarty exposed lots of Hollywood communists and their fellow travelers who are useful little minded idiots for supporting Lenin’s value system. You learned more and accepted communism by watching movies which are overwhelmingly communist. If you watch Late Night T.V. you watch anti-American jokes and artists who drive home the communist ideas. You are your brothers keeper and government intends to force you to give up your money to support your brothers which meand practically everyone else, sucker though that makes you.

Quoting from Wikipedia, a left wing wensite: “On June 22, 1950, a pamphlet entitled Red Channels was published. Focused on the field of broadcasting, it identified 151 entertainment industry professionals in the context of “Red Fascists and their sympathizers.” Soon most of those named, along with a host of other artists, were barred from employment in most of the entertainment field.

The blacklist lasted until 1960, when Dalton Trumbo, an unrepentant communist and member of the Hollywood Ten, was publicly acknowledged by actor Kirk Douglas as the screenwriter of his highly successful film Spartacus.[1] A number of those blacklisted, however, were barred from work in their professions for years afterward. Why? Because CPUSA was dedicated to the overthrow of America. We now know how well they succeeded. Spartacus was a deeply un-American movie written by “an unrepentant communist”.



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