The Russian Values that created the Berlin Wall were infused into the United States at Yalta where Russian Advisors were employees of FDR’s State Department. When the Berlin Wall came down and Gorbachev gave George H.W. Bush the command not to treat Russia as a failure and Bush agreed, the tragedy of the destruction of America got a big boost.

Why didn’t Bush defend America? Why did he negotiate the collapse of the USSR and agree to pay Gorbie $47 million to never praise America or admit America won the Cold War? Because Bush didn’t know how great America was before WWII. He couldn’t explain the greatness of American culture so after the fall of the USSR and the Berlin wall he didn’t even suspect what a great victory he had observed. A small mind, he went along with Gorbie.  What a tragedy.

No one has ever condemned the Russian System. Most people agree FDR’s enormous Lend Lease Program was a very small part of Stalin’s victory over Germany. Do you know how much equipment, clothes, medicine and patent information FDR gave to Stalin?

 Have you any information about or are you aware of or have you traced the American efforts since 1941 that propped up Stalin? Instead of praising American values, i.e., the ideas of Individual rights, the communists changed the narrative to the support by America of Universal values. Not American values, Universal Values that aren’t even identified. To the Russians, Universal Values enshrines the state. Every Russian supports that. Unfortunately, so do many Liberals and even the Conservatives who believe for example that Government provided Universal Health Care is a core American value.  Blurring the truth by deconstructing words is part of Gorbie’s ideology.

Why didn’t Bush explain Russia’s destruction of 100 million people, as thoroughly documented in The Black Book Of Communism instead of being cowed by Gorbis? Why is the defeat of the vast tyranny needed to keep the totalitarian USSR in existence not mentioned as being caused by America?

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