Yeah, they travel in the shadows. They steal political signs, run from open confrontation of their ideas, detest citizen comments at Supervisor meetings unless it comes from their favorite yapper, self-admitted Kamikaze Jerry Bass who gets special treatment when he talks to the three dictators on the Board of Supervisors, George, Eileen and Vinny. Their latest trick is to hold their Republican Committee meetings in secret. Unable to accommodate different ideas and different views, their idea of fair is “deal in the dark”.

They give the Republican party a bad reputation. They’ve turned a proud party into a viper pit of corruption with their secrecy; their shakedown schemes; No-Bid Contracts to favored people; lawyers who kickback in the form of “donations”  and businesses who sell insurance but not in a competitive fashion. These people are worse than bottom feeders who at least have the grace to deal on the bottom. Northampton’s belligerent Republican leadership slimes along but more of their back room deals are being discovered. It’s been their practice to keep their manipulations out of sight and to deceive the public by hiding their activity and it has to be stopped. 

The deceived public is made to think there are no issues; no problems and that everythig is visible. They’ve been hiding things so long that they think it’s standard proceedure to keep hiding everything. It has to stop. Like cancer that spreads as long as it’s not detected, this corruption can only be stopped from the inside. All right thinking Republican committee people are asked to step up and get rid of these political miscreants.  

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