President Obama structures himself as Reformist but that misses the point. Reform’s don’t exist in vacuums, disconnected from ideologies. Obama is no American. Neither is Putin. Both support “spreading the wealth”, “income re-distribution” and government controlled medicine. How a man steeped in the Left-wing of the world, a fusion candidate of both the Democratic and Socialist parties was elected President of what is no longer considered a free nation will remain an unvoiced tragedy and truth.

Obama was elected with his ideology literally secret, with his college records sealed including his Law School courses and transcripts, but probably Putin’s records are sealed too. Americans elected Obama based on their hearts, not their heads. A man who should not have been given a security clearance because his lean and loyalty was way too far to the Left didn’t have to apply after his first election. He knew where his loyalties were when he told Dmitry Medvedev on Mayrch 26, 2012 in Seoul to tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after my (second) election.

Obama opposes the Founding Ideas of Individual Rights in favor of his solid anti-American ideology of big government. The Mainstream Media share his ideology, having had it shoved into their brains by the Left Wing Media, the universities, Hollywood, by the artists and players who love the applause when they support …… what do they support? Do you know? The evidence is: – you do not know. The leaders of the Left know and they’ve been meticulous about shutting all the off-ramps that lead to American Ideology and Obama is the Savior to the Left, …and to Putin.

Obama’s not alone. He has massive support from leaders like Putin but they miscalculated with the terrorists. The terrorists are not Leftists who believe in the power of the collective nor are they conservatives who believe in Individual Freedom. Politically they have a totalitarian, big government mentality in the tradition of Idi Amin, Robert Mugube and Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashviliosef, aka Stalin. 

Both Obama and Putin share a big government philosophy. Socialism is certainly gib government but it’s also state ownership. But that’s evolved into state control, the basis of Obamacare. Socialism is of course a benign label these days, more in line with the old U.S.S.R. that collapsed but don’t be too sure that the collapse was the end of Socialism. the ideas of socialism have been purposely pumped into the Western world so it doesn’t matter what it’s called.  Big Government will do and there’s literally no difference between Obama and Putin about that.

So the answer to the question is neither; and also, both.

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