For a man who’s been “hatin” all his life, he should know better but President Obama is still outraged about how he’s treated. People “hate” him. Eric Holder calls it “Racism” and so does the President but they added a new dimension to racism by calling it “hatin”

Is it fair to charge the President himself with “hatin”? After all he was smiling and laughing, “Smilin” as he would say so how could he hate the people who he believes hate him?

Hate works both ways. But the chargeĀ that some Americans are “hatin” is not true. Of course many people are angry at the President for his decisions. the Supreme Court has ruled 22 times against him. He could call that hate based rulings but of course it wasn’t hate but his own bad decisions that causedĀ  the rulings against him.

Obama refuses to acknowledge his own guilt. He’s never had to face himself in the mirror so he’s a stranger to himself but not to people who know how to figure out right, wrong, the difference and explain it, as the United States Supreme Court did.

Obama is a devious rascal. Deception is almost a reflex for him. He’s being devious when he laughs while calling for the end of “hatin”. He never accuses himself and always accuses someone else. Nothing he does wrong is ever his fault. He’s a Washington outsider even though he’s the top guy in Washington and the end of his Presidency in 2017 will finally give Americans some relief.


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