Even Charles Krauthammer knows Impeaching President Obama is the right thing to do but he cautions against doing it. Why is it impossible to do the right thing?

Removing a rogue President can be done in lots of ways. In Latin America and Africa dictators are removed all the time but not by impeaching them. The President can be sued, for example, even though he has immunity for all sorts of bad orders. Impeachment is a Political Calculation in addition to being the right thing to do. But the Political Consequences may cause more problems than the Impeachment.

Impeachable behavior is not a crime. Violating the Constitution is not a crime either and there is no penalty when a President violates the Constitution. Western Law is not too precise when it comes to civil violations and it’s downright contradictory when is comes to impeachment. But that doesn’t mean Impeachment is off the table.

If Impeachment is the right thing to do and it’s not done, then not Impeaching President Obama is the wrong thing to do. Is that worse than Impeachment? Yes, When the wrong thing is incapable of being done there’s no basis for the right things to be done either. It means the moral basis of civilization has been lost. 

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