Unfortunately a Nobel Peace Prize President, (Barack Obama) began his first political campaign in the bomber’s living room. Even worse, an admitted hater of America, was hired by The University of Illinois as a professor who was given access to thousands of students minds . How much damage was thereby done by this crazy man who had plotted and detonated bombs in America because of his warped ideas about America. Megyn Kelly exposed quite a bit of his anti-American mind during two interviews of Bomber Bill on her TV show on Fox News Network.

A darling of the American Political Left, Ayres demented ideas are still praised by the fawning Progressives who adore the ideas of Karl Marx, another mis-formed mind who has caused the deaths of millions by the use of his principles in the Soviet Union, founded by his disciple, Vladimir Lenin. Both Ayres and Lenin were small men. Seriously, Lenin was 5’5″ and Ayres is about 5’6″ but the smallness was in their demented minds. Ayres is reported to have ties to at least Ten People in The White House Adminstration. That would be:  Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Kevin Jennings, Anita Dunn, Arne Duncan, Martha Kanter, Vartan Gregorian and Cindy Moelis.

Declassified FBI Report on the Weather Underground Organization (WUO). (Here).This report details: WUO members’ extensive stays in Communist countries of Cuba, Vietnam and Russia; WUO’s goals to establish “world communism” and “overthrow capitalism” in “imperialist” America; murder conspiracy; involvement in US Vietnam-era Chicago riots; ties to the PLO, Quebec Liberation Front, SDS, Black Liberation Front and Black Panthers; meeting with North Vietnamese in Cuba; bomb factories; purchase of 50 pounds of dynamite; shooting down a US plane in Vietnam and wearing a necklace made of a piece of the plane’s fuselage; firing rifle shots into a Massachusetts Police Station; and a wide variety of other serious crimes and radical connections.

Professor Bill Ayres us not just a member of the Weather Underground, he formed the radical offshoot that actually set off bombs and would have set off more had the plans been more successful.

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