Karl MarxMarxism is alive and well in America where it’s called Multiculturalism and means the “separation of the culture into groups”. A homogenous nation has a better chance of remaining free so divide and conquer is the strategy behind Multiculturalism. Using Multiculturalism the Left has achieved a level of censorship that would be the envy of Marx whose policy was to destroy Western Civilization. By supporting the division of the nation and keeping Open Borders America is being destroyed from within by some really small people who unfortunately are in control. The Left has a policy of dismantling the nation into various groups and branding people who object as “Racists”.

If you ever wondered why there’s no longer anything reported about the Communist Movement in America, just consider the success of Multiculturalism which is where the old communists went. the Objective is the same. The tactics are different. Embarrass the enemy by calling them Racists. It’s easy to do and the guilt of people will guarantee success. Control the language by eliminating words like “Redskin”. Say: “It’s Racist” and the Censorship is done. Calling someone Racist in the 21st century is like calling someone a witch in the 17th.


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