By opening the borders; by refusing to protect the geography of America, President Obama is endangering, indeed even eventually killing America children by destroying their homeland, America. Instead of enforcing the borders, the true purpose of the Obama Presidency, “The Destruction Of Racist America” is revealed and why isn’t Congress stopping him?

Israel’s children have been bombed by Hamas but the American Mainstream Press hates the children of Israel so they wrongly report about the children of Gaza, not the children of the Jews because the American Mainstream press is anti-Semitic.

President Obama must be forced to protect America. Lacking that enforcement, he should resign. Lacking resignation Obama will continue with the destruction of America including his destruction of American Children; their parents and of the American Dream.

What is Obama replacing America with? Here’s a flash. Nothing. President Obama hates America so much he is blind to the consequences of the destruction be has been pursuing. He has no plans except to live in splendid isolation on a large $4.5 million dollar home in Rancho Mirage on a remote California hilltop. He should be ordered to leave the country he’s been destroying. He should man-up and get out.

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