He starts by writing he supports Israel but condemns Israel’s attempts to win in Gaza. Robinson believes in something called “proportionate response”, whatever that means. Robinson is silent about his true meaning. He decides Israel must only kill a certain number of the people in Gaza where the people operate who are shooting bombs into Israel’s neighborhoods.

Robinson is not a fool but his intellect cannot comprehend the idea of bombing Israel. He writes of “Missiles” as though the bombs are not real bombs because he refuses to write the word “Bomb”. A missile refers to millions of different things, only some of which are actual bombs. Calling the Palestinian bombs anything but bombs tells a lot about Robinson’s thought processes. He may not admit it, even to himself but Israel cannot “protect itself” without killing the Palestinian bombers in Gaza. Killing a few won’t work. Killing them all will.

How about the “innocent civilians” who gather on the roofs of the buildings Israel want’s to destroy? Are they innocent? No. They are following the orders of Hamas. They hate Israel. They are therefore not innocent at all. The Roof-People hate Jews and they support the bombing of Israel by Hamas, by the Palestinians, by the PLO and the millions of people who hate Jews. Most anti-Semites disguise their anti-Semitism, which in Robinson’s case he actually wrote “I Support Israel”.

No he does not. How can you tell? Because after he wrote “I support Israel” he wrote: “But”. What does “But” mean after “I Support Israel”?  It opposes “I Support Israel”. Robinson didn’t want to write “I Oppose Israel” so he wrote “I support Israel but”. That’s like writing: “I oppose slavery but”, meaning “I support Slavery” That’s like writing “I support peace but” which means” I oppose peace”.

How can Israel protect Israelis in Israel from the Gaza Bombers? How can a person protect themselves from a bomber? By letting some bombers live? Or must every bomber be killed? How many, Eugene? What is the “Proportionate Bombing of Israel” of which you speak?  Is is one or two a day? Is it to continue until only a certain number of Jews are bombed? How many innocent Jews do you think should be bombed?

Robinson, incredibly writes that Israel is in far less danger from the bombs because of the Iron Dome.  That’s like writing slavery should be allowed because slaves can always run away. With thinkers like Robinson, every evil is safe because good people can only destroy a proportionate amount of it.   


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