The drug trade needs cheap labor. The destruction of America is being built with cheap Central American labor. Stopping China as the low cost producer means America needs cheap labor. Community Organizers need cheap labor. The Race Hustlers need cheap labor. Car Manufacturers need cheap labor. there are so many ways America benefits from cheap labor that it goes without saying open borders help an enormous number of people who can’t exist when people are rich.

Unemployment goes up when workers get rich because rich people don’t work. Cheap labor helps everyone so Obama’s open borders are the best way to keep America rich and unemployment down. 

But raising the minimum wage destroys the value of cheap labor. High unemployment helps destroy the cities. Look at Detroit where high unemployment helped destroy the automotive industry. Look at Allentown PA where there wasn’t enough cheap labor to stop the Chinese from exporting cheap steel. Cheap labor could have saved Detroit and Allentown.

If good thinkers would stop going into private businesses government would be able to stop problems but if good people went into government then the losers and dopes in America would be out of a job.  

Keep those borders open, Obama, otherwise America may get better and that would defeat your plans to destroy it.

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