Doctors have it all wrong. They have been tying to cure disease by finding the cause. President Obama shows with his Constitution violating open border policy that instead of attacking the cause, crime in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, it’s better to import the victims because Cheap Labor doesn’t just fall from Heaven. Cure the symptoms and the cause will go on which is what’s needed to keep those cheap people coming in.

A supply of cheap labor has always been needed by those who survive off the dues collected by the cheap labor organizers. Cheap laborers are laborers nonetheless. Cheap Labor will stop the outflow of expensive jobs to China. Why go to China for cheap labor when it can be imported by simply increasing the crime rate in Central America. Pay off a few willing law enforcement types in Central America who are already being paid by the other criminals, the ones who provide the expensive drugs.

Keeping the price of street drugs high is needed to provide jobs to the drug workers in the inner cities of America which is the desired effects of naming the Inner City Full Employment Act the War on Drugs.

Symbiosis between cheap labor, open borders and poppy growers completes the circle of cheap labor, open borders and poppy growers. Government when not a force for good moonlights as cheap force. Or is it the other way round?

Stopping the crime in Central America will increase the price of labor in America. OTOH, keeping the crime going in Central America will increase the amount of cheap labor as well as provide more jobs in the street drug market. It’s a win-win for society’s losers.

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