“God Damn America” said Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the pastor who married Barack Obama who spent his life learning that lesson. Kindred souls united by a common attribute, hatred pursuing their common satisfaction; -revenge against America. 

Attorney General Eric Holder hates America too. He considers Americans cowards, especially concerning race. He supports a hate-hate relationship within America. He defied the American Congress which judged Holder guilty of Contempt. Hate-hate.

The values of Obama, Wright and Holder intersected in their mutually reinforcing hate. It caused the failure of the Obama Adminstration to enforce the borders of America. Hate – hate; Genocide.

America has found it’s impossible to force racially different people to live together. It’s too much of a value clash. Humans are psychologically unable to live with a threat and when two races are so different, black vs. white the psychosis born of the difference will deepen the divide.

What about the experiences of the American Founders? Why did people of different nationalities live together? The size of the divide was far smaller. The difference between a Swede and an Italian was far less than the difference between a Swede and a Nigerian. Opposites attract in electricity but not in the public square where opposites not only repel but fight for dominance.

American’s are not in love with everyone else. Neither is everyone else in love with Americans. People will do a lot for money but they will not assimilate. They will settle elsewhere or their fury will build day by day.

Brown v. Board of Education forced bussing onto children to defy segregation but integration not only failed, it increased the fury.

President Barack Obama is a product of a white woman and a black man, nothing unique nor unusual there, but their anti-American attitude drew them together. Hate was in the air during Barack Obama’s youth so in some ways he could not help his “God damn America” attitude. On his first day in the White House he could have began his work of healing old wounds. Instead he reached for the salt to rub in his furious disrespect for the West. He ordered a small bust of Winston Churchill, one of the saviors of Europe out of his sight. The bust was returned to England, to the British Embassy in D.C. where it resides in the hope of a correction in the attitude of the American Presidency.

Reverend Wright is a race hustler who appeals to the worst in people. Instead of bring open and honest about his race based hate, he submerges it to build church membership. The bewildered audience believing him to be God’s messenger is delirious with support for their prejudice. That he infected a President with that hatred is stunning. developing, … .    ..


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