Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “AMERICA” Imagine The World Without Her, -is about history. His America is gone, never to return. America will become three nations divided into three different cultures. President Obama has succeeded in splitting America into two racially different nations. The boundaries must be identified but the split has happened, the wedges have been pushed in and the divide between the races is clear.

The third America belongs to the descendants of the Spanish Empire. That division is very visible in for example all along the Southern border and especially in Florida where Miami is almost a sub-culture of Cuba.  English is a second language. The crossing of the borders by the new American immigrants is the third nation President Obama is creating within the boundaries of America.

Why? Because it’s easier for Russia or China to conquer three small nations compared to one America. Why does President Obama want to see America destroyed? Because he distains it. He’s ashamed to be an American. He dislikes America, Great Britain and Europe. He’s been busy tearing apart America and destroying the borders. He’s stopped America from using cheap, plentiful coal even though the danger of air pollution from coal was eliminated decades ago. He’s stopped America from drilling for oil under Federal Lands and in the Gulf of Mexico where Cuba for crying out loud began drilling even close to American shores since Obama became President. He’s not happy with America and he’s made it clear he wants to decrease America’s presence in the world and he’s succeeded beyond his America-hating heart.

Even President Jimmy Carter, as bad as he was was not as bad for America as President Obama. Vice President Dick Cheney said that on July 14th. 

The Constitution Center in Philadelphia has been agitating for a different America since it opened.  Ronald Reagan knew America was going to break apart when he said a nation that cannot control it’s borders isn’t really a nation.

The Progressive idea about separate and equal cultures is taught in American schools. It’s called Multi-Culturalism. It’s objective is to divide a culture into it’s racial, ethnic and cultural components.

People enjoy living among people who look like them. Multiculturalism separates people into those kinds of sub-cultures, praises the differences in each culture, celebrates those cultural differences. Another attribute of the three different America’s is the different and separate religions.

Religions have never been happy co-existing. One or the other is trying to convert people to their version of God and their religion. In fact religious differences have and will continue to create wars as one religious group fights a different religious group for dominance. By splitting America into three different countries the idea of separate and equal religions can be supported. The alternative is a perpetual state of separation along religious lines or even war based on religious diversity.

Of course Religious Assimilation requires conquest and subjugation unless the religions are kept apart by border fences. No one can be a member of two religions. Neither one permits that. Ever think of how impossible it is for one religion to accept another one? When that’s done, one of the two religions loses to the other religion and some religious people will not tolerate that.

The impossibility of one culture in one America finally has been revealed by President Obama to be a pipe dream. Different races will refuse to live together. The increasing acceptance of Multi-Culturalism proves how wrong the founders of America were as they attempted to bring clashing civilizations together into one nation.

The creation of the United Nations is more proof that different nations and cultures will not assimilate. The current wars in the Middle East are more proof that different religions and different cultures will fight to conquer and rule other religions and other cultures. Saying that all cultures are equal doesn’t make it true and the present condition of all of the different nations proves cultures are different and that different cultures will not assimilate. It was the mistake of America to try to change that. 

President Obama has shown the world the futility of forcing different cultures to live and work together. The President has worked hard to get the diversity desired by the Progressives which is further proof that one culture cannot grow from many different cultures.

When America was founded there were mostly Europeans so it was possible to say things like: “One Nation, Indivisible” but it’s no longer possible. If it was President Obama who is a mixed race descendent of different raced parents would have united Americans but even he had to follow his heart and separate Americans at least by race. He is now in the second stage of bringing in people of Spanish ancestry  to offset the black and the white America. All of this is difficult to witness but the evidence is all around.

Attorney General Eric Holder said recently that America is a fundamentally better place than we were 50 years ago” which shows his support for the trend to break apart America. To be grammatically correct he should have said either a better place than it was or a better people than we were. But that goes to prove the differences in language that’s been promoted by the three nation crowd. After all, a nation with one language would be difficult to divide but a nation with two languages can never be united. Look at Crimea where Russian and Ukrainian was spoken. It’s all Russian now and Ukrainian will no longer be tolerated. 

That’s the case for the three America Theory.  For more see Pat Buchanan’s article in WND “America: No Longer 1 Nation, I people”.




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