With thanks to Ed Kline for writing about the CUJO Meme on Capitalism Magazine.

CUJO was a fictional dog infected by rabies who began to kill people. President Obama is infected with “Social Rabies” and is acting out the CUJO HYPOTHESIS.

The CUJO HYPOTHESIS brings together the organizing success of Saul Alinsky along with the political success of Karl Marx who combined Socialism with Altruism, along with the Mysticism of Plato and the racial success of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Rabies can be cured if the anti-virus is administered in time. Social rabies can be cured by replacing Multiculturalism, Subjectivism, Altruism and Communism with a correct set of ideas. Multiculturalism teaches each race and culture is equal to all others, thereby wrongly accepting bad cultures as equal with good ones thereby helping the bad cultures. Subjectivism holds that truth is intrinsic therefore everyone “knows” what it is. Truth is the result of reasoning, not intuiting. The truth is objective, not subjective. Political Correctness is wrong for the same reasons multiculturalism is wrong. Altruism holds the individual has a duty to sacrifice their life when the community needs it. Communism is based on the idea that the community is important but not the individual members of it.

Recognize this philosophy? Mysticism, Altruism and Socialism are opposed by Reality, Reason and Capitalism. The proof’s and details of the philosophy based on Reality, Reason and Capitalism are in a book by Leonard Peikoff “Objectivism, the Philosophy of Ayn Rand” called OPAR by those in the know.  

The American Constitution is based on the Liberty of the individual. American government was created, limited in power and charged with protecting the Liberty of each American. Unfortunately, the founders didn’t grasp the full meaning of the idea of Individuality and were themselves trying to set up a government that protected each individual without yet understanding how to do that.

But Barack Obama as President has violated the Constitution on many occasions. Even worse, he is taking revenge upon America, England and Europe as he was taught by his parents and various mentors like Jerimiah Wright, Bomber Bill Ayres, and Frank Marshall Davies. Obama is conflicted only in the sense that he is in the wrong time and place. He belongs in the Middle East around the beginning of the last century. He’s a Harvard Lawyer who hates just about everything important about America, about the West, about Europe and he’s in an intellectual war with his own mother. Punishing America explains every move Barack Obama has made as President. He is currently torturing America by sending by force illegal immigrants into what will ultimately be thousands of communities across America using the Federal Refugee Coordinators in each state. 


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