He’s not a friend of America, at least not the America that Americans know about. That’s why he’s more of a danger to America and to the world at large. He cannot think like an American because he’s against the founding ideas of America.

Obama is not trying to save America. He has continued to act against the best interests of America and regardless of how much help the American Democratic Party gives him, they too will pay the price the same as the rest of us Americans.

Dinesh D’Sousa’s movies have revealed a lot of Obama’s behaviors that have hurt America but D’Souza has little experience against people who truly don’t like America. You see, D’Souza is one of the good guys. Obama’s not.

The dispersal of Illegal Immigrants into for example nursing homes and hospitals provides three hot’s and a cot for people who do not belong in America. Obama is using his authority as the top manager of the 2.8 million Federal Employees to force federal employees to act against Americans. The Federal Employees will do what they are told even if it means hurting Americans. In fact, some Federal Employees will act the way the rank and file members of the worst dictatorships have when they had to choose between The People and The Government.

President Obama should resign but he won’t. He’s going to continue to mis-use his Presidental powers as long as he can.

He should be impeached and the Democrats in the Senate will have to decide in favor of America or our President.

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