Everyone has a bad day now and then but the President of the United States almost needs to be potty trained. Perhaps he’s under more stress than we know especially considering his set-backs over Obamacare, the NSA spy cases, Lois Lerner’s IRS scandals, Solyndra, Benghazi lies and more.

But he is the President. Why can’t he try to fake a level of dignity that he obviously doesn’t have naturally? Is that too much to ask?

We know a President is much like everyone else with all of the usual human tendencies to call attention to yourself, to act out in public to make him seem like he’s just a good time guy like you and me but he’s supposed to set a good example for the rest of us. Barack Obama is not sufficiently dignified for the office.

He dresses a lot better than Jimmy Carter did but he acts like a clown who’s always trying to bully the opposition. He has the instincts of a victim, not a leader.

President Obama probably has been psychologically damaged from his early days right up to the present. He is ill at ease, and exhibits impulsive non-conformity and anti-social traits.

Comedians exhibit both schizophrenic and bi-polar personalities, as does President Obama. He seems to be a manic thinker and he does not exhibit normal social behavior patterns.  

He’s never been able to conquer his community organizing mode where he attacks opponents to get the applause of a crowd.



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