The scientific method is to discover the laws that will predict the events of existence.

There are limits to the ability of science to explain the universe. Steven Hawking concludes the limits run up against the uncertainty principle.

In addition, all of the laws are expressed mathematically. The basic idea is that the universe might have begun at the Big Bang. It that’s the case it will re-collapse into another Big Crunch. The problems with both the Big Bang and the Big Crunch are the boundaries of the universe. The universe has none.

That’s the problem with the creation of something. There must be something to create but an unbounded universe has everything already in it. Hawking claims there’s nothing for a creator to do.

Laplace at the beginning of the nineteenth century postulated there would be a set of laws that would determine the evolution of the universe precisely. He failed. but science has in effect explained things so well there’s literally nothing a creator could have done.

There is still the question of why all this was done.


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