How convoluted has the United Nations become when it blames America for gang murders in Central America.

Immigration experts predict illegal Immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador will rise because of street-gang murders. Honduras has the world’s highest homicide rate for a nation not at war. In El Salvador a steep rise in street-gang murders continues.

Murders increased when illegal immigrant members of California street gangs were deported back to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. They corrupted police forces, seized control and created another “Murder Incorporated” while corrupt police and government accepted bribes to leave them alone.  .

Salvadorans said there was fear of the “Sombra Negra,” or “Black Shadow” – groups of masked men in civilian clothes who are believed responsible for hundreds of murders of teens.

The Salvadoran government denies any involvement in death squads, but says it is investigating the reports of the murders. Investigating? How about arresting the murderers?

A U.S. General said: “Border Security is a threat to National Security.

Why doesn’t Obama get any of this? 

In El Salvador, at least 135,000 people, or 2.1 percent of the population, have been forced to leave their homes, the vast majority due to murders, according to U.N. figures. That’s more than twice the percentage displaced by Colombia’s brutal civil war, the U.N. says.

Hondurans have been terrorized by a recent wave of murders against people in churches, schools and buses.

During a recent visit to the U.S., Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said migrants from his country were “displaced by war” and called on the United States to acknowledge that.


Why are gang murders in Central America America’s problem, not the U.N.’s?

Why isn’t President Obama stopping the Illegals at our borders instead of bringing them into America?

Why isn’t President Obama sending the bill for the Illegals to the United Nations?

The U.N. has a big mouth with no teeth except to blame America.

It’s time for the U.N. to get some testosterone instead of wimping out about America. It’s time for America to get paid by the U.N.for all of the money Obama paid them and stop the murders in Central America.

Bringing Illegals into America is a typical Liberal solution to a solved problem. The solution to Illegal Central America Immigration is to catch the murderers, not catch their victims.


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