Obama and the Progressives know how unpopular Obamacare is because of it’s high cost to the average American Taxpayer.

They created a distraction to avoid a national dialog about Obamacare’s massive tax increases.

How much will Obamacare cost the average taxpayer?

It’s not only the cost to young people who don’t need and don’t want medical insurance. There are thousands of taxes on hidden things that would not occur to most people who have not had the time to read all of the 2,300 pages of the Affordable Health care Act.

These hidden costs are the costs to businesses, costs that the business must pay or face fines. A tax on a wheel chair manufacturer adds some bucks to the cost to actually make the wheelchair.

Businesses must recover the costs of their products or there’s no sense to make and sell things. A $100 tax on a wheelchair maker has to be added to the cost of the seat and the wheels.  The final wholesale price to a retailer like WalMart includes the $100 tax to the wheelchair maker plus the cost to the wheelchair maker of borrowing the $100. WalMart has to pay the wheelchairmaker the $100 plus the cost of the interest then Walmart must sell the wheelchair.

Obamacare adds cost to Walmart too but first the wheelchair must be tested and packaged. More taxes to the business that provides the box for the wheelchair.

The manufacturer has to call a trucking company to get the wheelchair to WalMart. More taxes for Obamacare to the trucking company.

The Obamacare taxes ripple thru the entire American Economy and cost the citizens billions.

Obama wanted to take your eyes off his massive tax increase so he created the Illegal Immigrant issue. He flooded the borders by announcing that America will reward illegal immigrants who get to America.

Even more diabolical, Obama used children to add compassion to the distraction.

It worked. Obamacare is off the news. His massive tax increases have been replaced by his invented crisis.

Obama has been bad for America.  Of course the illegals and their children love him because of all of the free stuff they are getting.  


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