What’s gone wrong In America where a Natural Born, Law Abiding American Citizen faces a fine for a stop sign while Illegal Immigrants are given loads of free stuff and rewarded for violating American Laws?

Why has Law Enforcement been instructed to take care of Illegal Immigrants but to give no quarter to American Citizens? Why?

The Obama Administration has gone after Law Abiding Americans with the NSA Spy ProgramĀ against American Citizens while actually encouraging Illegal Immigrants to come to America without permission.

Look. If someone wants to come to America to make a better life, Fine but why should their improved life be paid for by a tax paying American?

Once Government takes Tax Money from any individual it never comes back. Even if every immigrant is wildly successful and pays millions of taxes, not one cent is returned to the people who paid the taxes to support the Illegal Immigrants.

As Winston Churchill once said: “This is nonsense up with which I will not put.” Too bad someone with the wisdom of Churchill isn’t running America.

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