Hurray! This is really good news for any Catholic who has an abortion.

Re-Communication I call it. It’s a Catholic thing to get a woman back into the church after an abortion. 

The Catholic Church has the power to kick you out of the Catholic religion by excommunication. That’s serious. It means you go straight to hell when you die.

That’s what the rules are after an abortion. Excommunicate the woman.

Excommunication is forever. There’s no way out by yourself. No way to say prayers; pay for a document, see a lawyer. You’re toast.  

But there’s a way to avoid hell after an abortion. Go to the bishop, confess and beg for mercy. He has to give it to you. He’s trapped by doctrine, same as you.

After being reviewed and approved by the Bishop  there’s a step two.

He’ll sent you to a priest. The priest will forgive you too.  Same as the Bishop, he’s trapped into forgiving you. Problem solved. You are re-communicated. No more hell and you have your abortion too.

There’s sort of another way but you have to be dying with no time to find a Bishop. You re-communicate yourself but of course if you don’t finish the procedure in time, –toast again.

So be sure to check with your local Bishop after your abortion and get things going right again for  yourself. .

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