She did what the FBI couldn’t do, convict Bill Ayres for the atrocities he did when he was a leader or perhaps the leader of the Bomber Group Weather Underground.

Kelly was brilliant in her interview of Obama friend/campaigner and Professor at the University of Illinois, an institution that has much to atone for by keeping Bill Ayres on their staff and allowing, encouraging him to lecture to unsuspecting students.

Even worse is the position he has enjoyed with President Barack Obama. Both men have little use for America. Both have been destroying the country by their defiance of western law. Both equate America with terrorism and enjoy it’s humiliation.

All that and more was revealed by attorney and Fox News Hostess Megyn Kelly who used Ayres own words against him. Ayres does not deserve to be free in America because of his implications in the murders of Americans and his bragging about how wonderful he was to bring America to justice.

Ayres admits to bombings and calls them “PROPERTY DESTRUCTION”. He confirmed his involvement which he justifies by America’s role in the Vietnam War. Ayres admits the bombings but now says they were wrong but his words are not believable. He is proud of the terror and is neither contrite nor willing to pay for the property damage caused by the Weather Undergrounds Terror Bombings. He belongs in jail. The sooner the better.

Ayres is a smug coward, a liar, and a horrible human being who has never had to face the consequences of the bombs he set. He does not deserve his high position and after watching the Kelly Interview President Barack Obama should realize the damage his own reputation has suffered because of the evil actions of this truly evil man.

Perhaps President Obama will agree with Megyn Kelly’s assessments of Ayres. She called him Osama bin Laden and Hitler. The world will remember what President Obama now says about Bill Ayres.

Ayres should be stripped of his Professorship by the University of Illinois. His testimony may finally be useful to convict him and his wife Bernardine Dohrn .

Thank You Megyn Kelly. You made history with your superb preparation and what amounted to your trial and conviction of this Domestic Terrorist who betrayed America .

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